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*Providing quality content for including stakeholders/ suppliers.

*Creating an online and digital presence.

*To create customer interaction and discussions.

*To build the brand  image and for clients to gather information regarding business activity.

*Multimedia Design

*Creative Director 

*Online Retail Sites

*Social Media Marketing

*Web Design & Development

*Public Relations 


Innocent Zungu, is a founder on Gold In marketing and Distribution at Oudre Productions.

He is responsible for all markting and distribution and management of any production received by the company.

He is a permanent employee in the company.

He has been in the media industry for over five years starting as a musician and later entering the branding and radio markets.


He joined Oudre Productions in 2019 as a production manager and got promoted as the HOD in 2021.

He has worked on numerous project and wrked with various clients in the media industry.

He is a hard worker, go-getter and take on any responsibility to  the best of his knowledge.

Mission Statement

To build successful by creating partnership with like-mined individuals ensuring hight standard of outcomes for by having integrity, being passionate, inspiring others and instilling positivity.


To strengthen the South African entertainment, film and media industries, through investment into  various project , creating a positive  mindset  for individuals from disadvantaged communities and impacting  positively on the economic landscape in South Africa 


Gold In Green Entertainment  Pty Ltd is a company that aims to creatively and innovatively change the artist/company captivating content, that would appeal to the boarder audience both locally and internationally. We create projects in the entertainment media, tourism, visuals arts, commercial, print, marketing and distribution industry, operating on the highest standard.

Gold In Green Entertainment is a Digital Marketing Company which specialises in the Entertainment, Media, film, Music and Commercial Industry.
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